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New Book of Texas Dinosaurs

Discover the sharks and mosasaurs that lived in the marine Big Bend before it became the Galveston-like coastal region filled with dinosaurs.

Imagine the forested Brazos River valley with enormous sauropods and pterosaurs.

After the dinosaurs became extinct a whole new crazy weird group of mammals appeared to fill in their niches in the ecosystem like bone-crushing dogs and hell pigs to name a few. Come discover ancient Big Bend.

Putting you in touch with the dinosaurs!
“A Boy and a Big Dinosaur” by Orlando Rosu

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National Fossil Day- October 11, 2023

          National Fossil Day occurs on Wednesday of the 2nd full week of October as part of Earth Science Week. The National Park Service and the American Geoscience Institute invite paleontologists and park rangers to discuss fossils found on public lands at special events nation-wide on that day. Every year is different.

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