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Online Resources for K-12 Students and Educators from the Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collection (ADBC) program.
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Grades K-2
(Grades 3-5 below)

K-2 Teacher’s Lounge- Understanding How Science Really Works

Visit: The Lunar and Planetary Institute
Dinosaur Cut-out puzzles of Triceratops and Pterosaur
For Grades K-2
Click on “View Preview” to see entire contents. For Grades Pre-K-2.

Grades K-4Life Has A History– Choose Level 1
Level 2 -Grades 5-12 and high-level 4th graders as well.

Concepts covered:
*Life has changed in Earth’s history.
*Life is very diverse and always has been.
*Living things come from other living things and are therefore related.
*All related animals have similarities and differences.
*Over a long period of time, differences lead to new species.
* Some relatives from long ago look very different from today’s relatives.
*Fossils show us about living things long ago.
*Many groups of past living things have disappeared.
*All living things are related and life continues to change.

Grades 3-5
Also check Grade 5 in Middle School Dropdown Menu above.

Grades 3-5-Teacher’s Lounge- Understanding How Science Really Works
For Grades 1-3. Grades 5 & 6
A link to many pages of good “archeological”/ paleontological activities.